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My Library

Here is the thing...I really want to be reading wonderful books by wonderful authors and teachers all the time.   What I do though, is primarily just buy books all the time, with every intention of reading them as fast as possible before I put them with the pile of other books I have been compelled to buy, with the silver medal intention of reading them one day....soon.   Yes, soon.

Sometimes I read them!  And then I am very proud of myself and almost always very glad I did.  

Other times, I carry them around with me so that in that serendipitous spare moment I find myself somewhere with time to kill, I have just the book in hand that I want to be reading.  So essentially, I hold them more than read them, hoping their wisdom will somehow enter into my brain and body through osmosis.  (I recognize that from the outside this makes it look like I'm pretending to be a voracious reader.  I have made peace with that.  Fake it till you make it, right?)

So, you know when you want to find out what music someone likes, or when you discover that you and someone you just met share the same taste in tv shows you love?  Similarly, maybe you're interested in what kind of books I am drawn to when it comes to learning more about myself.   Well my library is open for your perusal.   Here is a sampling of the books I've read (or at least held) that have contributed to how I think about this crazy human experience we are all having.   Some of them have given me valuable tools or insights on how to make the best of that experience, and also how to gently deal with the hard parts.  One day, I intend to finish the ones I haven't.   I have found that so far, the right book as found me at the right time, so call me crazy-   I'm going to keep collecting them.

Various books I've held
(or am currently holding)

Feel free to let me know which of these you have held too. 

Screen Shot 2023-07-03 at 11.11.04 PM.png

This Naked Mind

by Annie Grace

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 12.37.33 PM.png


by Glennon Doyle

Screen Shot 2023-07-03 at 11.19.41 PM.png

Finding Your Own North Star

by Martha Beck

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 12.39.09 PM.png

Rise Sister Rise

by Rebecca Campbell

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 12.34.43 PM.png

The Gifts of Imperfection

by Brene Brown

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 12.41.33 PM.png


by Yung Pueblo

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 12.43.20 PM.png

Big Magic

Creative Living Beyond Fear

by Elizabeth Gilbert

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 12.51.51 PM.png

Loving What Is:

Four Questions That Can

Change Your Life

by Byron Katie

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.01.22 PM.png

A Gentle Reminder

by Bianca Sparacino

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.11.11 PM.png

The Law of Attraction

by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 12.54.05 PM.png

The Untethered Soul:

The Journey Beyond Yourself

by Michael Singer

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.03.31 PM.png

You Are Not Stuck:

How Soul-Guided Choices Transform Fear Into Freedom

by Becky Vollmer

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 12.48.03 PM.png

When You're Ready

This is How You Heal

by Brianna Wiest

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 12.57.34 PM.png

The Artists Way

by Julia Cameron

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.13.07 PM.png

Clarity and Connection

by Yung Pueblo

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.17.08 PM.png

Steering by Starlight

by Martha Beck

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.29.32 PM.png

The War of Art:

Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

by Steven Pressfield

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.21.07 PM.png

The Crossroads of Should and Must:

Find and Follow Your Passion

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.35.12 PM.png

We Are the Luckiest:

The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life

by Laura McKowen

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.24.02 PM.png

Boundaries and Protection

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.41.50 PM.png

Permission to Feel

by Mark Brackett Ph. D

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 1.46.10 PM.png

Emotional Sobriety

by Tian Dayton, Ph. D.

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 4.02.18 PM.png

Atlas of the Heart

by Brene Brown

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 3.42.31 PM.png

Codependent No More

by Melody Beattie

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 4.09.41 PM.png

Complex PTSD:

From Surviving to Thriving

by Pete Walker

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 3.56.08 PM.png

When Things Fall Apart

Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 4.19.55 PM.png

What Happened to You?

Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing

by Oprah Winfrey & Bruce D. Perry

Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 2.15.18 PM.png

How To Do The Work

by Dr. Nicole LePera

Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 2.18.07 PM.png

Bird By Bird:

Some Instructions on Writing and Life

by Ann Lamott

Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 2.21.25 PM.png

How We Heal

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