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What is Wayfinder Life Coaching?

In short it is the core belief that each individual has exactly what they need inside of themself to start living their life exactly as they want to and were meant to.

Martha Beck (perhaps you've heard of her!) created the WLCT (Wayfinder Life Coach Training) program in response to being regularly asked to teach the methods she was using in her own life and teachings.  Martha herself jokes that she never meant to become a "Life Coach" (and at first kind of bristled at the term as much as I did.)  However she seemed to frequently attract people who were looking for more meaning , purpose, and authentic connection in their lives, and coincidentally- felt compelled to share that knowledge with others.    So she developed a program (and wrote an incredible book) to teach coaches how to follow their own "North Star" which she describes as "that deep inner knowing that guides us all."

Navigating in Woods

Why I chose WLCT

What drew me most to this program was the work of Martha Beck.   I have heard her described as "part Harvard scholar- part mystic",  which made me smile immediately.  There is no doubt a part of me that wants facts and research and proof dammit(!) that something will work if I am going to implement it into my life.  However... in my own work and journey discovering, uncovering, and healing parts of myself, I would be lying if I didn't say that the best rewards and practices have come with a certain kind of mystical magic that I cannot explain, but have made my life so much richer.   I truly believe that no matter what we all think that we want out of life, really what we are searching for is peace.  The things we attach to (money, a job, a partner, a certain house or car or group to belong to, etc. etc. etc.) it's all in the effort to get something out bring us a sense of peace inside.

Using the valuable tools that I have learned in this program, along with other tools I have picked up in my own life experience, I hope I can help as many people as I possibly can identify not only what that peace means for them, but show them that the journey of getting there, can actually be a wonderful and exciting experience in and of itself.

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